Burmese Dance, Myanmar

DanceinMyanmarincludevarious forms such as dramatic, folk and village, nat dances, etc. Each form has a distinct characteristic. Although Burmese dance was affected by the traditional dance of some neighboring countries, especially Thailand, it still keeps the special qualities that distinguish it from other styles in the area such as angular, fast-paced and energetic movements,  emphasis on pose, not movement. The history of Burmese dance is rooted in the Pyu, Halin, and Mon culture at the center and lower Irrawaddy region from at least two centuries before the Christian era, when the worship is always accompanied by dance.

The lively dance requires the performer to perform difficult movements like the circus. In addition, Myanmar dance is also very modesty, male and female dancers are never touching each other.

Beginners will be taught the first choreography called ka-bya-lut, a basics traditional dance. There is a very interesting dance in which the dancers make movements like puppets. Thus, it is said that Myanmar dance is an imitation of puppet theater - a theatrical genre which had replaced their real dancers.

The major female dancers wear royal coat long sleeves, wide-tied waist; long longyi following the footsteps. Male dancers dressed as princes with silk longyi, jacket and tie a white scarf. The other roles are servants, soldiers, zawgyi (shaman) and nat (gods).

Yein, the popular dance in the Water Festival, has the dancers, usually women, wear the same thing and make the same movements. HNA-par-thwa is the couple dance while the elephant dance in the festival held in Kyaukse (near Mandalay) is teams of the dancers who bring the elephant effigy made from paperboard.

Anyein dance are the combination of the single dance with the clown – who will interrupt the performances to make fun.

The dances of the ethnic minorities are usually the dance group, in which the young men and women dancing together.

Other Topics

Traditional music

Myanmar traditional music is very special with the traditional orchestra includes a set of drums, gongs, the tone bamboo, and wind instruments such as hne - which has the sound is very high, flute, cymbals...
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