Myanmar Mountains, Myanmar

The first and indispensable mountain is the Hkakabo Razi Mountain – the highest mountain of Southeast Asia, with 5,881 km in length. Locating in Kachin Province of the Northern Myanmar, Hkakabo Razi is a sub range of the Himalaya mountain system and a natural wall between China, India and Myanmar. Besides, the Hkakabo Razi National Park is also an attraction beside the natural beauty of this mountain with broad-leaved evergreen rain forest. The others important mountains may be Saramati (3,826 meter high), Bumhpa Bum (3,411 meter high) and Nat Ma Tau – one of the ultra prominent mounts of Southeast Asia (also known as the Mount Victoria with 3,053 meter high)…

Other Topics

Myanmar History

Myanmar has a long and complex history. The Burmese people - the Myanmar's largest ethnic in the modern, are not the first owner of Myanmar. Myanmar has a long and complex history. The Burmese people - the Myanmar's largest ethnic in the modern, arenot the first owner of Myanmar. The first identified civilization is the Mon. Mon people seem to have started moving into the area around the year 300

Myanmar Geography

Myanmar, a Southeast Asia country, shares border with Bangladesh (to the Northwest), Thailand (to the Southeast), the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal (to the Southwest) and Laos.

Myanmar Climate

Located in the monsoon of the Southeast Asia, Myanmar has the typical features of the region with four seasons...

Myanmar River

Referring to Myanmar is referring to Irrawaddy River which flows from North to South of Myanmar. This river is the most important water way of the country with 1,550 km in length and 411,000 sq km in drainage area...

Myanmar Economy

Myanmar is one of poorest economies in the world with the weak government and suffering international sanctions. It reached over 80 billion USD of GDP in 2011 and low average growth rate of 2.9%...
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